About Puebla, Mexico

Puebla City is both capital and the main city of the state that goes by the same name, with a population range far larger than the rest of the cities within the state. Puebla, also known as the “The Heroic Puebla of Zaragoza”, and “Puebla de los Angeles”, is the fourth largest, most important city in the nation, right below Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

Puebla is a beautiful city where old and new elements join in, with a landscape surrounded by volcanoes and snowed mountains that stand as backgrounds of this colonial city with sky scrapers and almost 500 years of history. Colonial elements can easily be found in the city’s historical center, with amazing old fashion buildings of Spanish architectural features that earn the privilege to be named as humanity heritage by the UNESCO association.

The most important building out of them all it’s the Puebla cathedral, it is an important construction of neoclassic style which takes pride of having the highest towers in all Latin America. The Rosario chapel is another religious icon in town that shows something about the Mexican baroque, this chapel’s main feature, is that it’s completely covered with gold, which right off the bat makes it another one of the most important tourist attractions. An aspect that has been essential in the historical fame of Puebla it’s the wide range of convents, former convents, chapels, parishes and religious temples, which are at the same time city attractions reflected on multiple religious events.

Likewise, the “African Safari” Zoo is worth visiting, a park where animals are not caged, but free around the areas; visitors enter into facilities on vehicles, including the Lion and tiger sections. Agua Azul is an ideal place for kids and all the family, the activities developed in the National Parks bordered by the most famous volcanoes in Mexico: Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, provide unforgettable experiences to visitors.

As far as the Commercial aspect, the city is regarded as both economic and business power over the region, with earthenware considered a prominent industry in terms of handicrafts; as for the automotive industry, Puebla is the head office of the Volkswagen factory, with headquarters for all North America, which creates a great deal of job opportunities. Without a doubt, one of the city and state’s symbols is gastronomy, which emphasizes the worldwide famous “Nogada Pepper”, as well as the distinctive “Mole Poblano”, that gives identity to Puebla.

Visiting Puebla is getting into a city with many tourist attractions, with high scale hotel and services infrastructure, and with everything that a tourist may look for in a world class destination.